Intelligent optimization
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OPRA – The tool for high-performance,
integrated Asset Life-Cycle-Management.

Intelligent optimization.

Efficient management and information are the key roles for successful implementation and optimization of costs and service.

The OPRA Life-Cycle-Management System continuously accompanies the life cycle of vehicles, fleets and their components. The retrieval of economic and technical data via the OPRA Internet portal shows trends at a glance and ensures the transparency that is required for ongoing optimization.
OPRA is the solution for
  • Supervision and tracking of vehicle fleets
  • Implementation of maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Vehicle and process optimization
OPRA allows to identify weaknesses and introduce targeted measures, so that technical failures are reduced while the availability, reliability and safety of your vehicles and/or fleets are increased while taking into account documentation responsibilities.

Logistics and communications become more efficient, as all relevant information including current operating, diagnosis and position data is at your disposal via OPRA. You are directly integrated into the planning and maintenance process.
OPRA allows
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Minimization of downtimes and failures
  • Optimization of maintenance concepts
Multi-lingual systems data and user interfaces allow global application in multi-national projects. Selective accessibility of all systems is ensured at all times. This allows mutual networking between partners without contravening their interests.

Come and convince yourself of the effectiveness of this system!

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